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Should there be a option to push updates for certain bots?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. It's really annoying that the "Push Bot Update" button pushes all bots to be updated.

    I would really like to have a selection as what bots to push, also it will save @Cloud and @Arbiter alot of time would it?

    Maybe even "Push new bots" button to push all new bots you have developed.
  2. I already requested this and i think it was agreed upon that it would be added but has either been forgotten about or isn't at the top of the todo list
  3. I see, well now there's more attention for it
  4. It's simple, only add the manifests that you want pushed to the repo, and only commit code for script bot that you want live. I've done a bit of work with svn before, and it is good practice to selectively commit files, and not just do a commit *. This would be a nice feature, but it can instead be easily managed with a little bit of svn know how.
  5. But for my case i like to commit everything so i can work on it from different pc's.
  6. With gi
    With git you can branch, that would be great!
  7. This is the case for me too. Every weekend i have a different PC i code on. So i have to commit all files.
  8. It wouldn't really save us any noticeable amount of time since we have to review the entire svn diff regardless.
  9. Couldn't you just select certain directories to commit? I don't know I haven't tried, has anyone else?
  10. But sometimes bots share common code, and we could break other bots if that common code was updated for one bot.
  11. You'd want to either push all bots affected by the change or make non-breaking changes in that case.

    Either way it doesn't bother me about how they push the bots, other than the inbox for each one haha
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  12. Haha, the inbox thing is quite annoying (I can believe how @Aidden feels about this :DDD)

    But yeah there's another idea, make all the bots updated to be in one PM.
  13. We'll implement them as alerts instead of PM. Low on the todo list, along with this request. People have offered workable options here. Another is intentionally renaming your XML manifest or corrupting its content. One of those should make the cloud compiler ignore your manifest.
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