Question Put a safe-lock on bots that idle?

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  1. I had a bot that idled and got me a 2-day ban. I know it's the bot's and not the clients fault, but is there a way to develop a saftey net that logs you off if it hasn't performed any actions? Set a timer for it in advanced settings of runemate of the sorts.
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  2. Support, this will be another great RuneMate only anti-ban feature <3
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  3. ye this would be really nice like bots get stuck sometimes etc
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  4. What defines idle? Not moving the mouse? Not moving the player? Not clicking? Idle can mean very different things for different kinds of bots. How can the client handle it with no knowledge of the definition of idle in the particular situation?
  5. maybe u could put on something that if the bot dont moves for 10 mins (if its like a combat bot etc) it will logg out aoutomaticly (sorry for bad english)
  6. What if it's a safe spot combat bot that uses range and never moves. How would the client know not to stop the bot?

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  7. i meant like the mouse but maybe its just a eating bot well who know i only meant that u maybe could to u can check a box and this will be activated and if u uncheck the little box it will de activated
  8. Now we're talking about designing a special UI for it that the user has to tweak correctly. Complexity increasing already.

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  9. well it was just and idea i got when i read the first post <.<
  10. Idle-ing is an "Action" if I'm correct ?
    If so, you can make sometimes so it safe-locks when no action occurred in like 10-20 minutes.
  11. I don't mean to be rude. I'm just showing why this hasn't been implemented through examples.
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    What does action mean specifically?
  12. Well..
    You know when an "idle" event is triggered, it follows a specific pattern of the bot's code.
    If we can make something so it check's if any code is being used in the last 10-20 minutes.
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  13. I like this a lot, in addition to make it an option like a checkbox. It would see if the bot is currently performing any actions. Now there would be a few flaws, but I believe that is what we could test a little and make it optional
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    Like for example, You would be chopping trees right? For some reason the bot isn't detecting the trees after a while, but you're still logged in. The probable effect would be seeing if the bot is currently running like code is literally still running. If it detects an absence of activity then I feel like it can log you off.
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    Okay, Here is an improvement, It can be like timer you set for when you want it to check if your bot is still running. For instance, No line of code has been parsed for 5 minutes, Wait another 10 minutes for activity. Terminate if no activity. REMEMBER most of the bots are pretty inactive and that's why it should be optional too.
    This I feel can be improved on, I just need more time to flush out the idea. This can be like a mind project for a while
    Test A // Looking for bot running a script bot
    If A running
    logoff = false
    If No
    Wait C Minutes //C = Variable input via slide
    If A running
    logoff = false
    If A Fails // Meaning the time set has expired no code has been ran
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  14. That's not how code works guys. There are plenty of conditions where code is properly looped and it runs through the whole process, but still no action occurs. In fact 99% of the cases you guys are trying to prevent wouldn't be solved by this. Here's an example. Code says that if no trees in area then walk to this location, but you're on an island and that location is not reachable. You'll just sit there looping through the code not moving anywhere.
  15. I'll be back soon with a response for this <3

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