RS3 Pyramid plunder.

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Loki987, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. I think this will be a good idea, it's good xp and a easy method to do even on a skiller (me) would like to see a skiller mode, which means it doesnt open the main chest and leaves if you get attacked, banking would be good alond with all levels, would this be possible for anyone here? im sure a few would benefit from it :)
  2. Support, someone should make this.
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  3. Maybe in the future, I'm working on loads of stuff at the moment. >.>
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  4. I support this and would love to see it happen :) Was about to make a thread about it myself but found this one instead.
  5. I am working on this at the moment and will be my first script bot released. Only just got my hands on an member account to use rather then risking my main.
  6. Coming along quite nicely. I need suggestions for features to implement. At the moment the account I have has very limited access to quest rewards and money so I only have the first 4 rooms. As I test this I'm sure I'll level up but I'm sure I can release a beta before get to next tier. I may need someone's help with ids for bank booths down the ladder and another couple things.
  7. Ask arbiter if you can join the devchat. You don't need to use IDs for bank booths.
  8. Oh true. Will got him up shortly. Ahh. Haven't gotten to using banking at all yet. That makes it easier.

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