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  1. Hey,

    i am new to botting and i have a few questions =)

    1: How many hours is considered safe ish..

    2. i have no ban or whatever whats happens the first time being caught?

    3 if caught it it Perm ban ? i am p2p.

    4 i want to go for a few 120s thiev,craft,fish,mining (the afkable skills isH ) on a maxed main, risk it or should i just consider botting on a different account ?

    5, any info on how i should bot like ingame settings, fixed mode, low graphs etc ?

    i know it sound noobish but i really like to know more about this or any additional info i could use for "safe botting"

    thanks in advance,
  2. 1: I do around 10hr a day but randomly don't bot from time to time
    2: The first time your IP will most likely be more tracker, so greater chance of bans in the future, proxy's help with that.
    3: Yes, a permanent ban can always occur, happened to me several times, not with Runemate yet tough!
    4: That is up to you, i got 2 120's myself so it depends on you!
    5: I use lowest graphics i can, but if it's 1 account you can play around with it as you like.
    Extra tip: bot smart, try to bot on the same moments, don't bot for a long time, just don't do the obvious things that will get you banned.
  3. Like Manager said, the key factor on safe botting is "acting" human.
    IE: Normal players play for like 8 hours a day at max.
    If you go above 8 hours, you'll raise suspicion, which can result into an temp or perm ban.
    Also ensure the bot your using works fine/check feedbacks about it.
    Babysit your accounts as much as possible.How to "babysit" your bot[s] when AFK | Community | RuneMate
    Also a great tip: RuneMate learns from your gameplay, so use RuneMate when your playing manually.
    This will lower the change of you getting caught.
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  5. First one was construction, with my own script bot, not runemate tough.
    Second one was 120 attack.
  6. Thanks.
  7. 1.) 4-5h.
    2/3.) 48h if very lucky, otherwise permanent.
    4.) Don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose.
    5.) Lowest graphics, and legacy most of the time.

    Here's a guide: How to bot safely | Community | RuneMate

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