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  1. [​IMG]
    Hello Mates! Today I've decided to make a guide a little different than the ones I've made in the past. Before I focused more on slayer monsters or other ways for people to make money, however today I'll be showing you how to kill the QBD! This is a very profitable boss to kill, and is relatively easy once you get the hang of it, however starting off can be very difficult. Hopefully this guide can teach some of you how to kill qbd or help some of you improve. (Disclaimer: I'm in no way the best at this, this is just simply what I do)

    - 80+ Range
    - 70+ Prayer
    - 85+ herblore
    - 67+ summoning
    - Song from the Depths completed for 25% less damage.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This is the gear I personally use. If you don't have a royal cross bow you could use a zaryte bow or dual chatotics with dragon bane bolts. I like using a blood fury, vamparysm, and scrimshaw of cruelty for added healing and damage. Also if you have a black dragon task use a full slayer helm for extra damage!

    Inventory and Interface:

    Once again, this is my personal set up, if you want to stay for multiple kills, bring an extra prayer pot and a tortise full of sharks, I've done up to 4 kills with that setup with my gear and stats.

    Action Bar:

    Feel free to copy mine or use your own!

    How to get there:
    1) Teleport to Port Sarim via lodestone network.
    2) Run to the white knight camp north west of the lodestone and enter the cave
    3) Run south East and slide down the short cut, or run through all the layers of grotworms
    4)Pot up by the portal, then enter

    For phases 1& 2 stand here

    Activate artifact when health goes down to 0

    Phases 3&4 stand here

    -If you don't have soul split, pray protect range

    -If the queen takes a deep breath, you can run over the flames when they're 1 square away and negate damage.

    -If a tortured soul spawns during the first or second phase, there will only be 1. Wait till it speaks then 1 tick after run over it and let the cloud hit it, then proceed to kill.

    -If on phase 3, 2 tortured souls spawn, do the same as what you would do before, if done correctly both clouds will hit the soul you ran over, proceed to kill the other.

    -If 4 tourtured souls spawns, run diagionally over one 1 tick after they speak and 2 clouds will hit it, and you will be hit by 2. Kill the rest to ensure there wont be a time stop.

    -Drink a sip of your prayer pot at the beginning of each phase so you dont forget to, trust me you don't want your prayer to drop.

    Video of a sample kill:
    Coming soon(tm) Will bump when uploaded.

    Thanks for checking out my guide! If you have any guide requests do not hesitate to request them!
  2. Clear guide. I like the thread design as well. Good work.
  3. Thanks for the feedback senor cabbage
  4. Nice & clean guide. You could also add that tanking the boss with dual drygores + tetsu/malevolent result in faster kills.

    Dragonbane ammo is also very efficient for QBD...
  5. I had dragonbane ammo listed under the picture of the setup ;) I would add the tanking with dual drygores however I can't afford them and I dont have access to t90 armour. If you would like to lend me drygores or access to an account I can look into adding them however I currently cant :(
  6. I don't play rs no more, and I'm not even a member:(

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