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  1. If you want, please donate me any amount you wish :D

    (i know i know... but its worth a try?)

    I am trying to make some money for new computer with which i could write scripts bots for rs3 too.
    (yes make, i am earning other ways too, but its not really profitable)
    Thank you

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  2. Do you have an Amazon/Paypal?
  3. Is this allowed on RM? :O
  4. So tempting to make/add a donate button xD

    As far as I know, donations aren't disallowed/discouraged. I don't see anything wrong with this thread, as it's just a donation thread and not begging or anything of the sort, although don't take my word for law, take @Arbiter's instead :p
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  5. Thank you. I forgot they exist :D

    Adding one now.
  6. You'll need bbcode or even just a link to the page, not html :3
  7. Ye i fixed it :p
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    Bump :(

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