Quality Divination (AIO) 3.0.1

Everything you need for divination!

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    Quality Divination (AIO) - Everything you need for divination!

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  2. will give it a try now
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  3. Awesome thanks! Let me know how it goes :D
  4. -when the "inventroy full" interface appears it trys to click on the rift and the interface blocks it so it just keep left clicking the interface
    -I used enchanced exprience and some times it does energy

    -make it click continue when the inventory full appears then go to the rift
    -make it to use rift with right click that would be better
    -higher angel view while harvisting wisps is better
    -good job
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  5. Thank you for a very good feedback. Getting onto it right now.
  6. keep in mind when making usage of the right-click option that there is guthixian cache every 3 hrs, seems to fck over celestal div in the beginning and also hax' div script bot :p
  7. I've fixed this a while ago when I noticed this happened with my bot, it's because the rift has a capital letter and becomes "Rift" instead. @Qosmiof2
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  8. Well about right clicking. I will make it more often (its there already but not so often like 1/20 clicks is right click). When i play divination (legit) i almost never right click so it was more like my gameplay. But i may add to antiban what the suer would like. left click -> right click or hybrid. Do you think that would be a good idea as a user?
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    Oh this haha i alreday have done this. xD
  9. hybrid definately makes it less bot like i think :p
  10. I wondered why it didn't work, then noticed the "R" and not "r" so i fixed it before it was released.
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    It already is hybrid, but i guess the right click option is not as used as you would like it to be. Ill make that more user friendly :D
  11. Erm, no it doesn't fuck over Celestial. Lol.
  12. I've never thought of that, to me it seems like most people just right click and the left click is used by people who are unaware of the right click options. But a little diversity and play style fitting seems like a good idea.
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  13. it did in the beginning right? i did not say it still does fuck over ur bot
  14. Like right after Jagex did the anti-bot update where it changes the name, yeah.
  15. Done:
    - will click when inv full (most of time because i know i wouldn't press space every time...)
    - fixed the bug with enchanced experience and energy
    - made right clicking more natural -> still not always
    - angle fixed
    - changed the name
    - fixed some minor issues with the speed of script bot.

    Thanks for using QualityScripts
  16. maybe a cool feature will be that it collects chronicles but also exchanges it for exp in lumbridge and walks back to the spot by using lodestone etc.
  17. Maybe I'll add it
  18. Great Job!
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  19. 5hr proggy!

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