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  2. [​IMG]
    Dont play OSRS but still congrats mate!
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  3. Congrats on the release! :D
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  4. can i test ;)
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 16, 2015, Original Post Date: Jul 16, 2015 ---
    When making potion and it's finished, it only deposit in 14 finished potions and proceed to withdraw 14 unf potion. Then proceed to withdraw 14 ingredient but fail to do so due to full inventory.
  5. Thank you

    Thank you

    Hmm. I don't think i really understand the problem. For first make sure you type the things right in. (spaces and all)

    I know when making finished pots

    eg: Attack potion(3) <-- no space before "("
    and unf pot: Guam potion (unf) <-- space before "("

    If the problem still occurs, please send me a private message so i can fix it tomorrow.

    Thank you
  6. It'll take out 28 herbs, clean them, and then won't bank them and just try to take out more.
  7. hey awesome start, problem though. as soon as it finished cleaning my herbs and goes back into the bank, it wont deposit but instead try to withdrawl some more grimy herbs in an already full bag. do i need to be somewhere other then ge to make this stop ?
  8. Yeah this was common bug. I forgot to fix it. I Will update the script bot today.

  9. Hey, any news on the update about bugged banking :D?
  10. Yeah sorry was busy. On monday the uodate is coming :3
  11. :rolleyes:
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 25, 2015, Original Post Date: Aug 22, 2015 ---
    Were you able to fix it :)?
  12. Working on it right now ;) so it doesnt deposit right? When making unfs, cleaning or pots?
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 25, 2015 ---
    Did you write the product right?


    First: Grim herb
    Product / second: Clean herb or w/ the name is
  13. Yeah once i type in what pots i wanna make it just opens the bank and says finished
  14. I was very very busy past few days... Will fix soon

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  15. Actually now i can get him to make the potions, but he doesn't enter the potions he made into the back after. Instead he withdraws new vials and tries to withdraw the herbs but can't because inventory is full.
  16. might be handy to have a dropdown for each box
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