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Alching for money

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  2. Gratz on release.
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  3. Thanks
  4. looks good! Good luck!
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  5. how to use this script bot...i have added item...yew shieldbow but dont have respond...why?
  6. Hi, sorry i didnt get a notifcation for your post.

    Do you have nature runes in your inventory?

    Do you have fire runes or staff of fire?

    Did you type the name of the bows into the textfield? (Case sensitive)
  7. Hi, could you at a banking option for darkscape players?
  8. I think the DarkScape high alch changes might've broke this.
  9. could you please fix this , spell changed to just alchemy
  10. Running on OSRS-

    No timer to check if the bot messes up, no checks to see whether high alchemy is already selected/ you can cast high alchemy on an item or not. These are extremely basic things which have been missed out.

    The bot will misclick at some point due to bad timing of high alchemy. This usually happens after 10 minutes or so; the bot will then hover over high alchemy for the next 10 hours.

    Please spend 20 seconds to stick this in your script bot if you cba to fix it:

    private Timer inactivity = new Timer(15000);
    int XP;


    before anything else in your loop:
    if (!inactivity.isRunning()) {
    } else {
    if (XP < (Skill.MAGIC.getExperience()) {
    XP = (Skill.MAGIC.getExperience());
    } else {
    Your loop

    This way it will not spaz out for 10 hours when it messes up.
    If you cba to fix the alchemy timing use inacitivity.getelapsed() >10000 or something to click somewhere when it has high alchemy selected in the magic tab.


    This is currently an unsafe bot, please do not use.
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  11. Alrighty then.
    Bought 800 ascendri bolts(e) with my entire bank (i know only 9m but thats why im alching for profit). Have to fix it immediately after it gets stuck hovering over high alch even before 1 alch.
    Check on it in 5 minutes to see that i have been logged out after running out of resource to alch. Turns out it dropped all the bolts and unfortunately someone picked them up and sold them.
    Thought i'd let you know about this.
  12. How do you use this bot?
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  13. 1111.png It keeps clicking on the "abilities" tab instead of the skilling tab...
  14. Will look into that. But for now and for faster experience place Alch spell into your ActionBar.

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