QualityFighter 3.0.5

Fight to level!

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  2. post proggies! :)
  3. Hey man, when I tried running the script bot today I had a steel battleaxe in my inventory to switch to once my stats were high enough. As soon as I started the bot it would try to equip the axe and wouldn't do anything else. I also noticed this with Cloud's Warped Killer.
  4. Would be nice if the fighter was for 2007.
  5. Its fixed. i just need to wait so admin approves. it. it will be posted here as a newversion
  6. Thank ya <3 very excited to see looting/banking etc!
  7. Yeah will be added soon i hope.
  8. Would like to see loot options set up as basically you type in the name of the items you wish to loot and boom zooka done!
  9. There is no pending update fyi.
  10. I didnt pusu an update because i notickd problem with Health class. A
    Ways returns -63428 or something. Same code before uosate worked flawless
  11. Have you posted a bug report?
  12. Not yet
  13. Qosmiof2 updated QFighter with a new update entry:

    QFighter v1.1 Released!

    Fixed interacting, eating and added a random when to eat :)

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  14. thanks :)0

    When using EOC make sure you use revolution mode if you want to use action bar :)
  15. I get no interface when I try and run this O_O
  16. yea sorry. i jad troubles with code so i deleted it. ill remake it this weekend hopefully
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