Quantum Blast Furnace 1.0.0

Blast Furnace Mini-game

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  2. Works well with steel. If there's no ore left it'll just stay logged in.

    It messes up doing mithril. It keeps loading up until "you should collect your bars before making any more" but keeps trying.
  3. yea, I noticed that. I only tested it on Gold and Addy

    A fix will be pushed hopefully soon
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  4. hello m8, can you add option to pay foreman? i have 32 smithing
  5. Just stops after opening bank then filling up inventory with gold ore? Not too sure why
  6. Sure, I'll try and get on that

    I will be testing all the bars soon and will be making the appropriate fixes :)
  7. Gets stuck on "report abuse" window. It also sometimes gets stuck standing there by the walkway up to the conveyor belt.
  8. Will be fixed in next release which I don't know when will be since I'm so busy with school, but hopefully sometime soon
  9. Glitch, is there allready an update for the bot? Thanks.
  10. Congrats on the release, Glitch. Would love to try this out someday.
  11. Hey, this bot was working great with steel until today's update with the bank placeholders. Now for whatever retarded fucking reason every time I turn it on it withdraws 14 iron then deposits it into the inventory. It simply does this repeatedly without stopping and never smelts anything. If I start with ore in my inventory it just deposits it. Very broken, I started relying on this, please fix it.

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