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  1. I offer:

    - RS3Gold ⇄ RS3 Items

    - Gift Card/Pin ⇄ RS3 Gold

    - RS3 Account ⇄ RS3 Gold

    (Anything else, just ask)

    Contact me on RuneMate and I will personally give you my skype.

    5% Fee:

    I charge 5% Middleman fee for all trades. (Min 5M RS3)

    - I prefer to charge the fee in RS Gold, rather than anything else.

    Terms of Service:

    - I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your account after trade including lock/ban/mutes.

    - I am not responsible for any chargebacks that may happen to you after a trade.

    - I will always apply/verify codes/pins that are traded. otherwise i cannot be held responsible if redeemed invalid.

    - Both clients must leave me feedback, after a any trade.

    - Both clients must post an order form. if not done or filled out correctly, order will be ignored.

    - I have all rights to cancel or deny any orders.

    - By posting an order form, you automatically agree to these terms of service.

    - All secret and personal infomation that are handed to me are not shared ot leaked to anyone.

    Order form:



    Your SKype:

    Partners Skype:

    Type of Trade/Service:

    Agree the TOS (YeS/No):

    Your role (buyer/seller):

    Total trade value (Gold and/or Dollars):

    Who pays the fee:
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  2. Open for business
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