Quantum Smelter 1.0.0

All in one smelter

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  2. Been using this script bot for two days doing cannonballs at al karhid, works 99% perfectly, something to consider is when in the bank, instead of clicking the X in the top right corner of bank screen to exit the script bot could click on the minimap in the direction of the furnace. This is only a suggestion because I presume this is how normal players actually would do this, I know I do.
  3. Any chance of this being updated or another script bot made?
  4. Does it not work anymore?
  5. While doing steel bars it withdraws the iron with the X option. Just make it withdraw the 18 coal then do withdraw all or withdraw 18 from the previous X option used for the iron. This would speed it up a bit.
  6. Why can I not start this bot. In my entire list of bots, there is not one that can make my iron bars. help me please my lord, the almighty ~glitch
  7. This bot ran excellent for a solid amount of time, but suddenly the bot is glitching up- unable of choosing the amount of coal or mithril out of the bank for example. the bot is also struggling to click the amount of bars to smelt once at the furnace.

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