RS3 Questing accounts {EOC Rsgp}

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  1. Hello Runemate users,
    if you hate questing I'm your man. I will do any quest for you, in exchange for EOC Rsgp. Prices will be negotiated depending on the quest difficulty and the amount of quest you want to be completed. Once given an order for a quest I will complete it as fast as possible. You can message me on here or add my skype bdwill3 for questions(for a quicker response use skype). Also, you have to pay in advance.

    The prices vary on quest:
    • Easy / novice quest: 200k
    • Intermediate / Normal Quest: 750k
    • Hard / Master Quest: 2000k
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    ~le bump
  2. Very fair prices, next time I need quests done Im coming to you ;)
  3. Looking forward to it ^-^
  4. HM for a dream mentor?
  5. skype: managerpb
    I have a big order
  6. Add my Skype Account Bdwill3 I'll talk to you there
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    They're also multiple mangerpb so if you could add me it would make things easier
  7. Completed a quest for me!

    Very smooth and fast transaction, quest was done extremely fast.

    A legit guy!

    Thank you.
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  8. Bumps
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    bumper cars
  9. Fast and cheap services.

    +Rep :)
  10. do you do cheaper prices if ordering many quests?
  11. In bulk I could go cheaper
  12. [​IMG]

    The ones with 2 stars count towards the novide or normal quests?
  13. I need for you to do Nomad's Elegy for me please.
  14. Do you do new account creation plus off tut island with quest packages?
  15. yeah i can do both
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  16. I will msg you right now.
  17. Is it okay if I copy your idea but for osrs? I'm a master quester and love doing them.
  18. You do you man
  19. Paid 4.6m RS3 GP For the Completion of 23 F2P Quests, Awaiting on Service Completion.

    -I'll update this on whatever happens.

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