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  1. Tbh I have no idea if I'm allowed to do this or not but I would like to start a questing service for RS3 and OSRS.
    I can do any quest you ask me to do (grandmasters, etc) and can do other orders like that.
    Payment will be taken before the order is started and can be held by a middleman or staff or whatever.

    Post on this thread with the desired quest!

    TOS(If I'm missing anything feel free to tell me)
    1)I have the right to deny service to anyone.
    2)I'm not responsible if your account gets reset or banned.
  2. prices for RS3

    all the quests up to smoking kills
    creature of fran
    the dig site

    need for several accounts
  3. How many accounts are we talking? Agg my skype if you wanna talk.
  4. not sure, all the time that i need a new one for my purpose, 10-20-50-10000000000 :D
    for now i need it on a couple
  5. I can do it 35m an acc maybe cheaper depends on time really. Like I said add my skype if you wanna talk its "EHHPEOPLE"
  6. I would advise you not using him as he had a major scam report on him which lead his powerbot account being banned. He ban evaded and then when got got he finally admitted it.

    He is banned on powerbot
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  8. Nope is another guy, you can add him and talk to him if you want.
  9. How much for Lunar Diplomacy?
  10. RS3 or 07? Add my skype "EHHPEOPLE"
  11. RS3
  12. 6m I can start as soon as possible.
  13. lol it is longer do lunar then all the quests to smoking kills together and u asked him 6m and to me 35m :D
  14. You want me to do smoking kills and all the quests that lead up to it and the quests you listed above? Thats what I gave you the quote for.

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