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  1. Hey guys if i have 5 bots running under the same IP, and if they ban them, will they also ban my main account that's with that IP? How common do people get chain banned with 5 bots running?
  2. It's entirely possible, if there is a reasonable link to each other. Even if they don't ban them immediately, likelihood is your IP will be flagged and all other accounts run on that IP will be investigated.

    Easiest way to fix that is set up a bot scheduler to run then 5 accounts overlapping throughout the day and hard reset your router if you have a dynamic IP semi-regularly.
  3. You can get a Dynamic IP VPN they are effective but one thing I've noticed is jumping around on IP's (specifically IP'S based in other states/countries) they tend to set off some red flag at Jagex. I've had several accounts in the past locked for "security reasons" because they where jumping around a lot.

    Personally I make it a rule not to bot on my home network.

    Jagex changed the T.o.S when they allowed multi log and pretty much said outright that if your caught breaking the rules other accounts could be punished as well, not their exact words tho. The closest thing I've had to a chain ban was while up in state I had a account banned and when I was speaking to a few friends 2 of them also had accounts banned that night. Granted this was on a university network but you get the idea.
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