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  1. Hello,

    Could anyone tell me if you can get IP banned From RS?
    Or Do They Only Ban The Accounts You Botted On ?
    Please Let Me Know Thank You. :)
  2. IP-flagged if you've been running a massive goldfarm. Otherwise, they only ban botted accounts.
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  3. From What I Know IP Bans Have Occurred In The Past, But They Have Never IP Banned Someone For Botting. I'd Say Your Chance On Getting IP Banned For Botting Is Near Zero.
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  4. So if you are running one bot on rs3 and another on osrs. Then you get banned on one you wont be ip banned since it is not massive amount?
  5. you wont be ip banned but they might flag your ip and check other accounts that are connected with the ip try using proxys just to be safe
  6. an proxy recommendations?
  7. i can't realy help you with proxy's since i got 2 internet connections that both have dynamical ip's i dont realy need those but im sure if u ask around here people can help you with that
  8. ok thank you!
  9. I will Play Myself And Also Bot 1 Account, So Thats Why I Asked It To Be Sure, Thanks Alot Everyone :) !
  10. Just something for you guys:

    I've been banned a long time ago for botting, and each new account I created got banned after logging in.
    After doing some research myself, I found that the Jagex Cache was causing this.
    When I cleared all Jagex Cache, the problem was resolved and I could create accounts again.
    So clear your Jagex Cache whenever you got banned, just to be sure ;)

    -- On a sidenote:
    Yes, I'm sure its not my IP.
    I switched to my second HDD, and I could create accounts again without getting banned.
    I removed the Jagex Cache from my SSD [the one where i got banned on] and the problem was resolved :D
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  11. Thanks for Sharing :)!

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