Question about post-ban trade restrictions

Discussion in 'RS3' started by k0nfuze, Sep 10, 2015.

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    "These sanctions apply whilst your account is logged in to a RuneScape game world. Logging out will cause the timer to stop and will only begin counting down again once you log back in"

    Quick question, I'm looking for some sort of confirmation. "a week-long" is actually 168 in-game hours right? So in order to get rid of the restrictions I must play 168 hours, does idling in lobby affect that timer? Idling in lobby does increase adventure log playtime so I would assume that it might affect it. Secondly, does anyone know if this message that pops up on login goes away after 168 hours, or if ever? Thanks!
  2. Make an ahk-script bot that moves your screen around randomly by pressing the arrow keys every couple of minutes. I use it for afking rocktail fishing and I have not received any ban yet :) make sure you do something afk if possible.
  3. I see, idk how im gonna explain to my clan why im gonna be on 24/7 almost cuz I need to get these restrictions off before double exp weekend.. Will definitely try to do something with AHK, maybe even quickmacro.
  4. Just turn off private/clan chat.
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  5. It says in-game time so I doubt lobby counts.

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