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  1. Hi, I recently got banned from darkscape and I am willing to buy an RS3 account. I do not know nothing about buying account. Does someone has good web site where they sell trustwortly account? What do I need to know before buying an account?
  2. Try playerauctions or highly-trusted members on forums. It may be more expensive, but the chance of them recovering is very low.
    What you need to know: accounts are ALWAYS recoverable.
  3. Recoverable, so even if I change the security settings, like the e-mail attached to the account, they can recovery it?
  4. Yes, even if you add authentication too.
  5. How does that work though?
  6. Because the owner knows all the recovery info and creation details. so no matter what you do, they can always, ALWAYS recover the acc.
  7. By the way, how do you know who is a high trusted member on this forum?
  8. Look at the vouches, likes and how long the member has been active. You could also try other sites like sythe or powerbot, but only trade with really trusted users. Sponsors at powerbot, and SVU and/or donators at sythe.
  9. Ok.
    I'm not good with all of this, excuse me if I ask, but what is vouches? Also, I have been on playersauction but I don't find any way to contact the seller. I mean, before buying something for 100$ and more, I would like to speak with the seller first. Is it possible on playerauctions? Is it a trustwortly web site, do you have bought acount on this web site?
  10. Vouches are basically feedback. Also, playerauction acts like a MM. They get the account info etc... and pass it to the buyer after payment. Accounts listed are usually more expensive than on other sites, but the transaction is also supposed to be safer. Whether this holds true or not isn't something I can personally vouch for, however, google is your friend. Use it to check other people's experiences. Lastly, I don't waste money on rs accounts.

    If you're not comfortable with all this, then I strongly advise you against buying an account.
  11. Is it possible to change the email associated with a bought account to my email?
    Also, if an account has been banned for 2 days, is it a problem buying it?
    If the account get recovered by the seller, who scammed me, what are my possibilities?
    What is a middleman?
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  12. Email, it is but doesn't garantee the security.
    Shouldn't be a problem with buying that.
    Your possibilities are close to nothing what you lost, the member you bought it from will get banned for scamming.
    A middleman is a highly trusted person on the black market who has been trusted with high amounts of online valuables.
  13. As said earlier accounts are always recoverable. There is virtually nothing you can do to prevent someone from recovering the account 1 month or even 1 year down the road. It happen's often, ultimately it just comes down to the integrity of the seller. I bought an account a few years back and after about 4-5 months they recovered it (I think a lot of people do this in the hopes the buyer will transfer their wealth over to the account) and to later resale it.

    There was nothing I could do to recover the account, I changed the password monthly to have some solid info on the account, I had the previous email that was tied to the membership and the CC used to buy the membership. Even hidden a little note on the account stating my email address.

    All I was able to do was lock the account, I locked it a lot.
  14. One these days one of those people will come back to their account and find it banned, lmao.
  15. I regretted not getting it banned.
  16. Thanks for your help.

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