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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by cabin17b, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Today my new account got banned within 5 minutes of completing the tutorial...
  2. RS3/OSRS?
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  3. u lazy fucks cant even do tut on their own :/
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  4. Lol Agreed,!
  5. Was in OSRS. Hey, why do it yourself if something else can do it for you? =D
  6. cuz it takes 5 minutes to not get 90% banchance
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  7. Is it really that much of a difference?! Didn't know that.
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  8. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they heavily watched it.
  9. tut isle is where bots are born so they are heavily watching it cuz of that reason i guess
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  10. They monitor fresh accounts heavily, especially on old school.
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  11. Totally agree with the aboves. Your own fault.
  12. Oh really? I've been botting on a fresh account for a week (almost non-stop) and I have yet to be banned. (not using RM)
  13. That's completely normal with new accounts.
    Also change IP so you are not flagged.
  14. Yes, they do. It's just that you've been lucky.
  15. doubt it's that easy to get banned
  16. Doubt what? That you've been lucky or the thing with Jagex monitoring fresh accounts? For the aforementioned; it could be that you botted "smart" or with private bots which have (evidently) reduced your ban rates.

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