Quickest way for a bond :)

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  1. Hey guys, so im pretty much thinking of getting a bond for myself and spend it all on runecoins but im out of ideas, Give me some quickest way to make real cash for a bond.
    Stats :
  2. 1 - Crafting Gold Bars into gold necklaces
    2 - Bot 91 runecrafting (Should take 2 -3 weeks) then do Double Nats.

    These are my two best suggestions with the skills you have.
  3. For Runecrafting I'm using hRunecrafter (go to RuneSpan)
    Crafting I believe MaxiCrafter will do the job (Haven't tried it yet)
  4. Houndspan is good right? im using it and it works
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  5. Haven't tried it yet, but if it works for you, then it's all good :)
  6. Quickest way to get a bond is probably paying me 3$. I'm just joking, if you play legit then I think your best bet is to kill the mole boss for some money. Else I would suggest some slow but steady moneymaking with crafting. For help, look here.

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