OSRS Quitting RS for good, should I bot my main account ?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Frozen, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Yeah, so I am quitting and I wonder if I should just bot my account and see how far I can get, the account is 100% trained self, around 110 cb and 200+ qp

    I wonder how I also should do with the gold, should I keep it in my main account or switch it over to some new account.
  2. Well if you're quitting, you might as well try to sell everything.
  3. Already did [​IMG]
  4. I am sadly, gonna focus on bigger things like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.
  5. You are a fool mate! Quitting RS for "bigger" things like LoL or WoW.
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  6. Ehhh, tbh League and WoW are both bigger than RS, and peoples game preferences change over time xD
  7. give up rs for life pls
  8. I did that about 6 years ago xD
  9. Why you still here m9?
  10. I tried that. I even quit rs for 4 years to focus on LOL. But I came back. You will come back. Don't throw away your account.
  11. I won't come back, the game is really boring. PKing requires no skill as its RNG based and the rest is just sitting inside a bank and clicking to gain XP. Only reason I started OSRS was because of nostalgia.

    I have bigger ambitions atm as reaching top 50 challenger, currently Diamond 1 etc.
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  12. I'd just sell all your stuff
  13. I don't play rs doe lel

    I can leave entirely if you want though
  14. Ohhh nigga trynna bait me into saying that I want you here;) cheeky scrub
  15. Develop a league of legends bot, and then bank. OR, just play a little instead of a lot of runescape.
  16. bot of legends already exists
  17. Botoflegends, what a joke. L# army Kappa

    I haven't played the game for 1 year, just have the account sitting there inactive.
  18. Or you can bot on your main while you play league. Thats what i do and have made over 90m and 4 99s ;)

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