Quitting runescape Going back active Duty. All sales via Paypal

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  1. [​IMG]

    Level 17, 40 Def Pure

    $15.00 Via Paypal

    Username Login



    Email Login
    70 WC

    I do have 2 level 3 skillers which will not be posted for security reasons,

    They both have 99wc and at least 15m OSRS Gold,

    My main I am selling has 99 wc 80 fletching 75 Mining and his bank is worth 54.5M OSRS.

    My main will not be under $100.00

    2nd main will be 75 Firm

    Level 128 Main RS3 Members as we speak

    Tied to this account is a level 63 zerker on osrs



    I have a boatload of accounts let me know whats ur looking for
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  2. 40 atk, 40 str, 40 magic and 65 woodcutting for 50USD? That's insane money for like 4 days max work..
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  3. but... it has a username login!! thats worth 50$!! :^)
  4. username login mate, Not selling work there, username not email
  5. Mate, you're better off selling these types of accounts on a website that doesn't know they can bot it all.

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