QveCannonballMaker 1.0.1

Give me those black balls to get cash.

  1. ran it a few times for a couple hours and then a 9 hour stint. Worked beautifully! Thanks for this resource, it's much needed!
  2. Works great at Port Phasmatys. Only problem is when banking is done it clicks outside of the forge building. Other then that great script bot :)
  3. @schmirloop what do you mean sir? I could test if i had an accound, i was making it only for combat academy and i've seen people using it everywhere xd so i could investigate a bit and make it better
  4. Yo, i tried your bot for about 30mins.

    I think its not working as intended. Once it uses preset 1 to get the stuff from the bank it then opens the bank again, then clicks the X to close the bank interface, then walks to the smelter. It does this every time after walking back to the bank.

    Location: Edgeville.
  5. I didn't test the bot in edgeville, i can investigate if you are willing to let me an acc to test thanks ;)
  6. This is my main, I can't lend that out. :( I don't have ults either. I hope someone else can lend you one.
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    He again! Just letting you know that the bot does the same thing when at al-krid. It opens the bank twice before going to the furnace. Just looks very botty.
  7. Hey, how come when everyone updates their bots but there are never any patch notes? There is always a "read the rest of this entry" but never anything saying what was updated? Just curious.
  8. Because when the bots get updated the author simply puts it through SVN which doesn't automatically "ask" for patch notes.
  9. cheers :). I always wondered why. Would be cool if it did. Stops the constant questions asking what was updated :D
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    Ill have a look for you sir.

    It does work :) Thank you.

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