QveChickenKiller 1.0.3

Become a real warrior!

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  2. I got it to run for a good hour and half, however the bot was far from the chicken coop(trying to chase chickens outside the gate). And once it was outside, coming back in was impossible, target is out of reach.
  3. would you be able to add banking when a certain number of feathers is reached
  4. Sorry can't man, not working on this bot anymore, it was just for simple learning. It can be deleted if no one uses it
  5. This ChickenKiller is defiantly superior to most Combat bots, I enjoy using it and it runs for endless hours if I don
    t keep checking on it.
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  6. Thank you sir ;) I'm glad you like it!
  7. In OSRS when using ranged sometimes the bot tries to fight multiple chickens at the same time and keeps getting the "I'm already under attack." message.

    Really nice bot btw.
  8. Didn't try to use ranged there ;d maybe soon ill have to fix it
  9. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  10. Changelog? :>
  11. added my new UI
  12. oooh nice :D
  13. Using the BOT on RS3. Works really well. Had to turn off the loot inventory window. Only problem I noticed is that it will pick up raw chicken instead of the feathers. Not all the time but a few times.

    Using the bot at the chicken area near the cows.

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