qveDivinator 1.1.0

All shiny memories are ours.

  1. Congratulations on release!
  2. congratz, ill be testng it later today hope it is less wonky as the others available
  3. Was the guthix cache avaliable?

    @EDIT: The update is pushed ;)
    #5 qverkk, Aug 17, 2016
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  4. @qverkk has fixed this bug! I have seen it work firsthand! Just wait for pdate
  5. It's pushed to the bot store, one of the admins must now accept it sir ;)
  6. sometimes it doesnt convert the full inventory it leaves like 2 or 3 and even 4 left
  7. whats in this or what fixed in this new update
  8. Chronicle support afaik.
  9. Yes, chronicle support but fx:id wasn't set because then my IDE lagged and didn't save the changed, fix pushed, don't check the checkbox atm and wait for the update ;)
  10. Is Divination risky to bot?
    does it make much money?

    I heared money making skills are risky
  11. It really depends on how long do you bot daily and if you babysit the bot to not get reported. Do daily guthix caches etc to gain faster lvls and the baby sit a bit to not get reported from players sir ;)
  12. qverkk updated qveDivinator with a new update entry:

    qveDivinator v1.0.5 Released!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 16, 2016, Original Post Date: Sep 16, 2016 ---
    Some of the recent bugs or errors were fixed, it will come in the next update :) and the chronicle support is working nicely. Good luck botting!
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