RS3 Qverkk's Road to 5B

Discussion in 'Goals' started by qverkk, Sep 10, 2016.

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  2. Gl with your goal! Looks like a great start so far.
  3. Thread updated :D
  4. O kurwa! Powiec jaki bot ty masz. :p

    But really, that is awesome. Good job!
  5. Swoj wlasny ;d

    My own ;d still need like 1 or 2 more pcs to bot more
  6. New update :D approx 4b, 1b more for my goal :D
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  7. I like this what you botting
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  8. What are you doing to make this money?
  9. Goldfarmers won't tell others the methods they use, don't try to ask ;d Find a way, make a bot and never tell people to milk the cash and don't crash the method, rule #1
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    Goal achived!! :D
  10. Damn grats
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  11. Thanks sir!
  12. Damn nice
    Spare me a bond plox :)

    Jokes aside, does your divination bot have a break timer? I don't know how to read a scipt's info, that's why I am asking.... (Not tried your div bot yet) :)
  13. Nope sir, it hasen't got a break timer sorry
  14. It doesnt need one

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