QveSpiderSpawner 1.0.1

Turns red into gold! Little eggs to coins!

  1. Requires summoning potions?
    Where to start?
  2. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  3. i tried the bot in taverly, rogues, and varrock. it just stands there, doesn't click the bank.
  4. I noticed that if you set your info bar (bar with hp, momentum, prayer, and summoning) in 2 rows instead of just 1 long, it sometimes click the auto retaliate button and thus reducing efficiency.

    This happened in full screen 1920 x 1080. I think the temporary fix to this is to make your info bar 1 long line.
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  5. Thanks for the post! ;) yeah i was making the bot while doing 1 line actionbar ;)
  6. No, thank you! I'm sure it the accuracy could be refined in the future patches, but that's just a minor issue for the user if their not paying attention. Aside from that, this bot rocks!
  7. Thanks mate ;) make sure to check out my new tutorial for setting up interfaces so possibly most of the bots won't bug out ;)
  8. Crashes whenever it has to bank for me.
  9. Where do you run it? Is the bank visible? What happens?
  10. Everything works, until inventory is full of spider eggs, then it runs to bank, opens bank, and crashes.

    I've followed your guide for setting up interface.
  11. Maybe the bank doesn't have summ pots etc? show me ur bank with the items required for the bot

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