QveTanner 1.0.0

Tan like a mother trucker.

  1. Does it use a portable crafter or does it just run back and forth to tan? Thanks <3.
  2. Uses a portable crafter, run the bot near one. :)
  3. MA god. Bless you qve, ur a G
  4. Hi, Does this still work? I tried it near al karid and a portable crafter and it does not work.
  5. Did u have a portable in ur preset and hides?
  6. Can you send me a screenshot of how to set everything up?
  7. have everything in preset 1: 2 tanners, rest is planks, set it up in combat academy, done
  8. So you can't use other peoples portables?
  9. u can, but if it dissapears it will try to setup ur one, if not it will afk
  10. will it afk until someone puts another one up?
  11. yes or untill you have it in ur preset or some shit
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  12. Sorry but I do not know what you mean, I am very new to RS3. I'm an OSRS player. Please elaborate or post a screenshot.

  13. Just google how to set up a preset @sinfulangle

    Include the items qverkk mentioned. If you don't know where Combat Academy is, google that too ;)
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  14. I know what a preset is and how to set it up, but what does he mean by 1:2 and 'rest is planks'?
  15. He means put these items in your preset: 2 portable tanners/crafters and the rest should be the material (he probably meant hides).

  16. These are my settings / setup.

    When I run the script bot NOTHING happens it just opens that bank and that's it.

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  17. !!!!!!!!! INPUT: the input name is required for the first item, like u want to make normal leather, so in the input u write "Cowhide" so u shouldn't write "1" just "Green dragon hide" the pre item of the expected one
  18. Hi,

    It still does nothing, it opens the bank and then does NOTHING.

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  19. It's case sensitive. Should be: Green dragonhide

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