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Insane f2p money!

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    QveWineGrabber - Insane f2p money!

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  2. Will test it out!
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    works well getting the wine, however struggles with teleporting and banking, do you mind sharing the interface you use?
  3. RS3 default works. I use resizable. @qverkk do you think you may be able to work on the positioning of the player more? for example some people stand right next to the table, and if the player is in the middle of the room, it has an extremely hard time grabbing the wines. other than that it works well, I'll try for a decently long proggy ^^

  4. I modified the old school layout to work and its working perfectly now, running on 3 accounts, will have 4-5 running soon :D
  5. Don't crash wine prices ^^ I'll be running a few more accts also :D
  6. Don't crash wine prices, sell at mid?
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  7. ^^^^ Yeppers!
  8. cheers mate :p its hard getting a f2p world tho man, i have 1 member account running no problem as no member bots them, and 2 f2p accounts one to its self other with some competition
  9. oh believe me I know, its swamped in f2p lol

    @qverkk in an update do you think you can have the player stand right next to the table? Thank you :D
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  10. please add this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  11. Also, please add better camera turning support :D, sometimes the camera gets turned funky, so the angle its on it will select to tele grab a player instead of the wine, if other people are in the same room. Thank you :)
  12. noticed this as well, also has some weird problem banking for me every now and then and i have to manually fix it, it like banks 10 of them on accident then gets stuck and wont bank the rest
  13. I have yet to have an issue banking :) Like I said Im using the rs3 default, only thing I've done is made the map bigger. hopefully you get it resolved :)
  14. Sure ill add it standing near the table and the camera will be fixed if possible ;) well idk whats avout with banking, i have used rs3 layuot with resizable mode and worked perfect
  15. Thank you :3 yeah thats what I use and have had no issues banking either :)
  16. Ran it over night, got stuck at one point but 12 hour proggy coming up, it sometimes right clicks the wine and just sits there and wont do anything, possibly add a failsafe for this?
  17. Does it rightclick the wine and it has option to grab or just cancel or so?
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    Now it will stand next to the table and the bot will stop when there is no law runes in inventory, so make sure to withdraw all laws you have or the amount you want to use ;)
  18. yeah, hang on i think i nabbed a screenshot of it last night
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    [​IMG] and it'll just get stuck there, happens randomly and i have to manually fix, woke up to all 2/3 bots stuck here, 3rd was out of laws :p
  19. You can play for 1h and grab the wine ur self and it would have better interaction i think. I don't know how to fix this, it's annoying for me also becaouse i have this when looting items etc, like it's runemates mouse problem idk man ;p u can see sometimes how the mouse struggles
  20. lil proggy from yesterday :)


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