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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Dan, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Currently in my script bot I have the following code to create a random variable between 1-4

    Code (Text):
    1. int randomDoor = 0;
    2. randomDoor = Random.nextInt(1, 4);
    Every time I start my script bot it will only generate 1 as the number, every single time. As its not a huge issue that stops my script bot running, I have never noticed until now that it doesn't seem to be generating different numbers. The next random number with same code, different name; Also returns a single number every time. 2.

    Is there a simple explanation for this? Or have I had a drink too many tonight?

  2. Got any other code where this is implemented? Also, I don't think you have to initialize it before using random next int.
    Perhaps you can use something like Random.nextInt(1000,4000) and divide it by 1000 round down.

    Otherwise, I found this

    Code (Text):
    1. public static int getRandom(int from, int to) {
    2.     if (from < to) return from + new Random().nextInt(Math.abs(to - from));
    3.     return from - new Random().nextInt(Math.abs(to - from));
    4. }
  3. Yea, just playing with the code I found it would generate random at with a higher max, but when it was set to 4, it was always 1. Odd, but yea, there is a workaround.
  4. @Cloud this is the weirdest bug report I've seen in a while. We're using a pretty standard pseudo-random number generator right?
  5. That code will generate a random value between 1 (inclusive) and 4 (exclusive). Its uses a secure random number generator. I'm assuming it was just a coincidence.
  6. I thought that it may have been coincidence, but after testing it thoroughly I am 100% certain that it was not a coincidence. I ran the script bot over a dozen time and every time it was returning 1 for the first generated number, and 2 for the second.
  7. Then there is something very wrong with your java installation.
  8. Perhaps you could make a test bot that prints randomly generated numbers in a loop. Isolating and testing the issue may have different results. Additionally, if it doesn't you can pass the standalone bot our way and we can attempt to reproduce it.

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