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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Mintfez, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. I'm not sure how detailed I can make this post, but I've been watching how the client handles random events. I believe that the reaction time is incredibly fast, faster than a human would react to it. So, I suggest that when a random event appears, it takes a random number of seconds (1-5?) before interacting with the random event to dismiss it.
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  2. This would be quite nice, right now it's instant.
  3. Depending on the bot 1-5 seconds delay could fuck up everything.
  4. Maybe make it optional for the bot writer to choose, don't know how complicated to implement it would be though...
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the random event solver run independently? I was under the impression it "pauses" the main bot until it's been handled.
  6. That's exactly why a delay could fuckup a bot.
  7. I'm not suggesting that the bot stops completely for 1-5 seconds, I'm just trying to give it a "human reaction" to it. The random solver wouldn't really be changed, it shouldn't have any effect on the bot that's currently running.
  8. The thing is, if the solver validates, then the rest of the bot doesn't execute. This is the same with the Login Handler, Lobby Handler etc.
    Although I can think of ways that this can be implemented that wouldn't cause an actual delay in the bot. It'll be similar to how a human acts, you realise the NPC is there, but don't care to dismiss it until it gets annoying.

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