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  1. Dear users,

    As we all know, no client is complete without random event solving support. This is why we are asking for YOUR help. Unfortunately, if Arbiter, Cloud and myself were to wait until our accounts are in a particular random and code it, it would take too much time. This is why we are asking YOU to private message the details of your account that is stuck in a random event to Cloud. We assure that your account will be returned to you safely as soon as Cloud has finished integrating the random event solver into the client.

    Here is the list of randoms that still need to be implemented for OSRS.

    - Bee Keeper
    - Drill Demon
    - Drunken Dwarf
    - Evil Bob
    - Evil Twin
    - Freaky Forester
    - Frog
    - Gravedigging
    - Jekyll & Hyde
    - Lost & Found
    - Lost Pirate
    - Maze
    - Mime
    - Pillory
    - Pinball
    - Pirate Chest
    - Prison Pete
    - Quiz Master
    - Surprise Exam

    Please note that Cloud will not approach you directly asking for your account information. It will all be exclusively done through private messaging here on RuneMate. Do not fall for any scam attempts.

    Best regards,

    The RuneMate Staff
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  2. Great. I should be able to help with this before too long.
  3. I can write a few in my free time.
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  4. That would be awesome. The format follows typical convention, closely mirroring the LoopingScript structure. Only difference is having an "activation" requirement, such as the Molly NPC being close to you or being in the proximity of the random zone. Nothing out of the ordinary, because anti-randoms are super simple.

    @Cloud Feel free to correct me as I am not particularly familiar with this portion of the client.
  5. If I ever happen to get stuck in a random I'll logout and pass the account info to Cloud.
  6. Nice, will do if I do get stuck. Will just logging out on Jekyll keep him there?
  7. I have already got the id for Jekyll and given it to Cloud.
  8. I need more than just the ID of the NPC to make a decent solver.
  9. Yes but I think if you log off the event dissapeares as it is just an NPC in the RuneScape world. You don't get teleported. But I'm not 100% sure .
  10. To elaborate on Cloud's answer we need to analyze the game mechanics of the actual random to reverse engineer it into a solving script bot.
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  11. We don't want to log out at randoms to avoid/divert them. A human would not do so (it would solve the random), and so will this client.
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  12. That's not what I meant. If I were to be teleported to the evil bob random event for example and log off, when I log back on my account would still be in the random event. However, if I'm not mistaken, for some randoms such as the Drunken Dwarf or Dr Jekyll, if you log off, the random event disappears, which means that Cloud has to be the one encountering the event and will not be able to rely on other people.
  13. Actually I (used to) quit and make a new account every time I got the maze random ;)
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  14. Alright whenever I get I get one of those randoms I'll hand the account over. Is it possible to contact via Skype so that I can just give details to one of the mods and when you guys are done give it back. If so add me @ bucial11

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