Raspberry pi 2 model b

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  1. Does anyone know how many bots I would be able to have running at once on a raspberry pi 2 model b the specs of it are
    • A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
    • 1GB RAM
    I have a raspberry pi that I was making a arcade machine that had a raspberry pi computer in it but im not using it at the moment so i wanted to use it for gold Farming on darkscape
  2. You may struggle to even run one.

    My laptop specs:
    i5 2403m 2.40GHz
    8GB of RAM

    One bot can at times use 50-60% of the CPU.
  3. Yea that's what I was wondering because my laptop I didn't know if it had some kind of java leakage glitch or what because its using 30-40% cpu and about 1-1.5gb of ram per client and its 4 gb of ram and 1.9gh cpu
  4. My pc using "10% for ea bot and about 1.2gb-1.5gb ram
  5. Sorry, there's no chance RuneMate (or any other client including the official one for that matter) will likely run on a Raspberry Pi. Would be awesome though!
  6. What kind of cpu do you have?
    Also thanks for the response if it would run it
  7. AMD babe
  8. This is not what RasPi is made for..
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  9. RasPi's are made and used for Bitcoin mining and the like, and farming gold/botting is not that dissimilar. However the technology is a long way off being able to run Runemate or similar programs.

    Hell you can even make supercomputers out of multiple RaspPi's together and lego blocks. They're made for anything.
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  10. Who Uses raspberry pi's for mining Most people use for robotics, Arcade gaming Machine"There so much fun :p", and many other things such as server, You can run most operating systems with it
  11. It's computer based mining (code mining) not like, actual rock mining of any kind hehe. You plug Bitcoin mining hardware into the RaspPi and the RaspPi becomes the main control component and submits the new blocks to the blockchain.
  12. oh ok I thought that you meant to use the actual computers cpu for mining I was like you probably would get 100megahashes per second if that
  13. Like for ever ever? Because I have 6, and could make one hell of a cluster bot farm o.o
  14. If you can distribute the computing and pool the memory through them, it could be possible. But a single Raspberry Pi can't run RuneScape itself, let alone a bot client on top of it.
  15. Yea I was asking about a single raspberry pi If I got more I'm sure I could easily run a couple of them

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