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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Philosobyte, Dec 24, 2014.

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  2. I realized yesterday that I forgot to add a profit tracker. I will do so after I finish my next project.
  3. Will try it now, thanks was desperate for this!!
  4. Due to recent update, there is no need to click on feathers onto shafts. Please check and update.
  5. Hi Ray , Please update when u are free. Its working well but now seems to be stuck at initializing. Thankz
  6. Sorry I forgot to reply at the time. I just started working on this a few minutes ago because the nat runner account Aspire lent me ran out of massive pouches. I should have it sorted out in two hours or less.
  7. Alright ! No worries. Keep it going :)
  8. Am running into unexpected and inexplicable problems testing. Looks like a client issue.
    edit: restarting the client a couple times helped. The version number didn't change, though - it was still 72.3.
    Edit2: pushed
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  9. I get error when running after update...
  10. Can confirm.
  11. Yes, I noticed this, too. A hidden update 7 minutes ago should fix this.
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  12. Thanks, It's working now!
  13. how much money can this bot make per hour in rs3 with 99 fletching
  14. Don't count on this for moneymaking. You can get 350k an hour if you've stocked up on arrow shafts and feathers beforehand, but it's not sustainable because there's a 10k buy limit every 4 hours and you can fletch 35k - 40k per hour.
  15. @Arbiter Outdated, not uploaded from months, not working
  16. Damn bot-breaking code changes :p
    Take everything down. You can strip away my Bot Author status as well, if you want.
    Headless Arrows and bank evaluating is so simple I might put it back up after finishing my exam in a couple months.
  17. nothing personal was only a review of all store requested from arbiter
  18. Of course - thanks for the notification. Outdated bots should be taken down so that they don't falsely advertise something that doesn't work.
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    Repushed and working on the Bot Store for me. Can someone confirm that this works now?
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