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  1. Ray's Nature Altar Runner

    • Requires Spirit Graahk and Rings of Dueling (any charge)
    • Requires around 1.25 Spirit Graahk pouches and 50 Rings of Dueling charges (about 7 fully charged rings) per hour. And if using small through giant Runecrafting pouches, 3k pure essence per hour. Add the massive pouch and that's 4k pure essence per hour.
    • Repairs pouches with NPC Contact (a Lunar spell) or a Wicked Hood to teleport to the Runecrafting Guild.
    • Supports all Runecrafting pouches


    NOTICE: Only the Ring of Duelling teleport is currently supported. The other options are filler.

    • If using pouches, put all of them somewhere on the action bar. If using a massive pouch, have both the degraded and undegraded versions on the action bar.
    • If using NPC Contact, put it on the action bar and equip a staff that allows you an unlimited supply of air runes, such as a Staff of Air, Mindspike (air), or Lightning Staff. Also, make sure you have a decent amount of astral and cosmic runes in your bank (obvious).
    • Put a ring of duelling on the action bar.
      • Change the left-click option for the Familiar button on the action bar to "Interact:"
      • 1. [​IMG]

        2. [​IMG] (Select interact instead)
    • Drag the summoning icon on the Action Bar to a slot on the Action Bar.
    • [​IMG]
    • Set your bank preset with all your undegraded pouches (except for the massive pouch, which needs to be on the preset in degraded form) and fill the rest of the spots with rune essence.
    • [​IMG]
    • Make sure the equipment option is turned off, like so. Note that this picture below is from an account which is not using the massive pouch.
    • Try to move all of your materials to the very front of the bank.
    • [​IMG]
    • Set your camera angle in a way similar to this. The bot should now automatically change the angles, but I'll keep this on here.
    • [​IMG]
    • This shouldn't be required, but these are my personal interface settings, and the script bot might work best with these.
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]


    • None, currently
    • Add rudimentary anti-ban
    Many thanks to Aspire for lending me his account so you guys get massive pouch support. Couldn't have done it without him.




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  2. it teleports and then it stops.
  3. I'll look into it. It has to do with it not being able to read a required file after uploading to the bot store.
  4. okay :)
  5. @Cloud I can't see an issue with the file or .xml and the script bot is working the way it should in Eclipse. Could you give a hand?
  6. I'm currently investigating to find out what the best way for a script bot to access a packaged file is. I'll report back soon.
  7. same thing
  8. @Raymondbl in the meantime I recommend finding an alternative way to get the data you want, such as embedding it into a class, or uploading/downloading from an online source like gist.github.com.
  9. Unfortunately I can't commit any more time to scripting for the next week or so, so I will have to wait for Cloud. I appreciate the suggestion, though.
  10. [​IMG]
    Is that a pure 1m+ profit per hour? Wow!
  11. That's without considering cost of materials. But there isn't much difference.
    1.25 * 4730gp Graahk pouch +
    7 * 1820gp Ring of Duelling (8) +
    3000 * 16gp Pure essence +
    5 * 276gp Astral Rune +
    5 * 209gp Cosmic Rune
    = 69077.5 gp/hr cost
    1139523gp/hr - 69077.5gp/hr = 1070445.5gp/hr pure profit
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  12. To bad that massive pouch isin't supported it's the only pouch I have :/...

    I am a total noob but, how do you obtain all those pouches?
  13. Actually, the massive pouch is supported in the code. I just haven't tested it and the banking might be off.
    As for obtaining the pouches - the Wiki is your friend.
    In short, you have to complete the Abyss miniquest and go to the Runecrafting guild to buy them from Wizard Korvak.
  14. Hey Ray, is your profit based on single runes or double runes?
  15. You can also kill monsters in the Abyss for them, it is a semi-rare drop. You'll have a full set in under an hour.
  16. Looks like single runes in his case. You can make like 9600+ runes/h at double runes.
  17. yeah, my account has lvl81 Runecrafting.
  18. Alright, so a session with Energy confirms that the massive pouch is currently not supported. In a best-case scenario, the next update adding support for that and fixes for other things is in two weeks. Worst-case scenario, two months. Most likely: 3 - 4 weeks. I'm sorry guys, but school is time-consuming.
    Also, the .web file still isn't being read correctly on the Bot Store. Waiting for the almighty Cloud to point the error of my ways and guide me to enlightenment.
    EDIT: The script bot is now functional. Many thanks to Cloud.
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  19. it doesn't use pouches for me
  20. don't mind this i got it fixed my actionbar was closed.
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