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  1. I came across a post on the RuneScape forums written my Mod Mac about quite a few various statistics related to RS, I encourage you guys to have a quick read because it has some very useful information. Here is an anonymous link to the thread.

    This information is useful because it's one of the only sources of information, that I am aware of, related to time spent online by the average user, that has been released by Jagex. This information is pretty useful because if you model your time spent playing RS to that of slightly above the average user you could decrease ban rates significantly. It also tells us that Jagex IS logging time spent online for all players.

    A lot of botters post progress reports showing times of 6 hours+ at a time and many say they bot for 12+ hours a day (I did too), but what I have noted is that these hours seem pretty unrealistic even for a hardcore runescape player. For comparison, one of RS's greatest recent players, S U O M I, played an average of 07:27 hours a day, while more dedicated players such as Drumgun and Jake play about 13:06 and 12:48, respectively.

    This means that if every single day you botted 12 hours a day, you would be playing as much as RuneScape's most dedicated players; you're bound to end up on some kind of bot watchlist... They also found that the average RuneScape player only plays about 2 hours a day, and if the objective is to blend in with the crowd, that should technically be the safest amount of time to bot per day.

    ss (2015-02-11 at 10.07.47).png
    (The average time per player would probably look something like this, would be very different though)

    Ultimately, the longer you bot the more you differentiate from the average user and the more you become part of a smaller group that Jagex can analyse and pick you out from the crowd.
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  2. Interesting. Also the fact that they are looking at TSO means that there are bots their botwatch program can't detect.

    Personally, I have only botted once for more than 6 hours. I usually bot a quick slayer task, or 1 hour of skilling. I think that's pretty safe.
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  3. Well the average is pretty high considering how many full out tards nolifers there is playing. :)
  4. I normally bot a skill for an hour or two, then do the daily task / flip at GE / quests and then bot again.
    Botting at least a few hours a day.
  5. I bot whenever its nighttime in Cambridge.
  6. I bot all day, I just make sure to pause my scripts bots when my voyages come back and send out new ones. Then again, my account is also from like 2005, so I seem to be free of the botwatch.
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  7. Guess I spoke too soon. I was issued a ban this morning :(
  8. Ouch :( what were you doing though?
  9. Nature runes. I appealed, and it is my main from a long time ago, so I'm guessing they'll actually read it.
  10. I was banned doing the exact same thing, was doing nature rune runs using the nat runner on my account from 2005. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that they have read my appeal, although I've almost been a subscriber all the way since 2007...
  11. Yeah, they decided not read mine last time I got banned (yews in 07 scape), so I started emailing any and all of their email addresses until some one responded. You gotta fight for your accounts, I think billing services is what finally got it for me. I'll have to see if that is necessary this time though.
  12. Do you really think there is a chance of recovery? I said in my appeal that someone else must have been botting on my account because 'I 'accidentally' allowed someone else through my JAG a week prior to the ban', which in itself doesn't seem like a very good story and could easily be used against me. Also I hadn't been paying for membership with cash lately, but with bonds which might affect the decision.
  13. No idea, I'm sending them messages that I want to be credited back for the days of membership that I'm losing. I don't think most goldfarmers do that, I got mine back last time by acting angry at them and insisting that I wasn't botting. So we'll see if it works this time too.
  14. Nope :( That method worked like 2-3 years ago, but now they just completely ignore anything related to the account.
  15. This is really interesting actually, seeing as Drumgum and the other top page people no life so much.

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