RS3 Really need a new Mining bot..

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Wizax, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. We need a working mining bot, atleast a couple high end working places, or fastest places for exp, I can't be bothered to mine for 40 hours help :(
  2. @SuperBotter has SuperMiner
    I have Mining Dawg
    and @Exia has Exia Miner AIO
    There is also other's but not sure what functionality they have in rs3.
    What task does the bot need?
  3. @Wizax im sure posts liek these are de-motivatiing for bot developers, there are lots of good mining bots out there, and if you believe you are having issues with one, post a bug report on there thread. adn if you want some added functionality, maybe make a post on there thread nicely and they might be able to supprot it for you.

    Dont expect people to help yu if youre not helping yourself
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  4. Nice spelling :D but good point! If @Wizax tests a bot and finds he wants more options/area, he should post it to the bot thread. You made the title of this thread, "Really need a new Mining Bot" as if the current one's cant just add whatever it is you want, hurts the feelz man.
  5. Exactly, we dont need 100 mining bots which all have half working functionality. Quality not Quantity
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Point has been made :D
  7. I've tested all of them, none actually works they need to be updated. Developers have lives and I respect that, Aria quit, Exia needs to work on his, basically LRC/Granite or Priff is what I'd like, iron ores and coals is too slow

    MaxiMiner Is not his priority, which is Aidden's
    Exia Miner will be worked on when he has a chance
    Mining Dawg doesn't support Granite/Priff/LRC, you made it for OSRS originally right?
    Alpha Granite is dead, atleast Aria is bored of the game and I respect that
    SuperMiner doesn't support LRC/Granite/Priff

    By making the thread i'm not trying to whine or be negative against bot developpers, I completely understand they do that on their free time and everyone has a life, by making the thread I was trying to point it out so maybe someone feels like making one for LRC/Granite/Priff, i'm completely sorry if this thread is seen as negative but it's really not the point of it! I really thank you for everything you guys do and have done.. I'm not trying to "Demotivate" anyone.
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  8. Well if you wanted me to add it just say so lol! It isn't hard to add! So would granite be fine? I also still need to implement action bar dropping
  9. Actionbar dropping won't work for RS3 granite :(
  10. Damn, well that is a good thing! Cuz I don't have it anyways, so I can add granite really easily
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    Actionbar dropping for granite will work :p
    It's just that it requires all types to be put in the actionbar. My bot should be able to handle it after it is updated.
  11. so will there be a runescape 3 mining bot? I am lost in this thread. If someone does decide to take on the challenge please think about patterns since mining is a hot spot to get banned at, so patterns should be different for every user, miss clicks there and here is a good thing, and good power dropping using the action bar nobody wants a sluggish powerdropper.
  12. Already done my Mining bot!

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