Recently removed bots (Users please read)

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  1. In the initiative to remove broken, buggy or slow bots from the store, a few bots that were working seem to have been removed as we were relying on user reviews and recent forum posts which now appear to be unreliable.
    Below is a list of all bots that have been removed from the store, if you've recently used one of them and know for a fact that it isn't broken, please let me know by posting on this thread with the bot name and we'll have them re-added to the store as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Alpha Abyss Runecrafter
    Alpha Barbarian Fisher
    Alpha Barbarian Outpost Fisher
    Alpha Curly Roots
    Alpha Livid Farm
    Alpha Magic
    celestial chocolate grinder
    celestial citadel
    Celestial Fletcher
    Celestial hunter
    Celestial runespan
    celestial wine drinker
    Decorated Cooking Urns Maker
    Exia Miner AIO
    Hyper Teleporter
    JST Air Crafter
    Pi honeycomb
    Pick 'n Burry
    pSmelt AIO
    Quality OSRS Herblore
    simple fletcher
    toksik fletching
    XenoCooker Lite
    Al kharid warriors
    Celestial bank evaluator
    Rays headless
    Rays wealth
    SS bonfires
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  2. Alpha Abyss Runecrafter
  3. Re-added.
  4. simplefisher was an awesome bot I used it for 30 levels last night testing it out.
  5. Celestial Hunter works, the (Beta) doesn't
  6. Exia Miner AIO was working fine for me.
  7. Re-added.
  8. Toksik Fletching was working fine for me as well.
  9. Have you looked into the celestrial fisher? I think thast broken, it doesn't work for me. it seems to have always been broken, have reported issues to author a month ago.
    on the feedback it seems I am not the only one having problems with it.

    I can provide more info if needed.
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  10. Celestrial fisher works decent (fishing guild doing sharks). But only is full proof under supervision. Sometimes its very very slow to click. Only used this bot so far for 1 day. Only ran for 15 minutes without supervision during my sleep.
  11. Exia miner doesnt work at seren stones.
  12. It doesnt bank nor with draw urns at lumby. it is slow buggy at dropping the trout/fish. this is what i reported a month ago.
  13. Exia Miner Aio wouldn't work for me at all. I've tried several times, at several spots.
  14. Decorated Cooking Urns Maker worked like a charm for me would be great!

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