RS3 Recreating a main w/ Untrimmed Slayer Cape

Discussion in 'Goals' started by HitchThoseCocks, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Doing this 100% botting for all skills needed, manually doing slayer & things I can't find bots for.
    My goal an untrimmed slayer cape.

    Hitting 90 RC before anything to unlock ports.

    [x] 90 rc
    [x] 90 Herblore
    [ ] Ritual of the Mahjaratt
    [ ] Untrimmed Slayer Cape

    By the time most of you see this post I will be at 90 rc.
    Botting nonstop.

    Might go for 95 just to never have to rc again.
    Current Progress:
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  2. Goodluck man! Surely one of the much tougher goals out there.
  3. Currently doing the same on my 2nd account :p
    I'm at 1700 total atm.

    Good luck! ;)
  4. Best of luck, a tip from a hardcore botter, and professional progress thread maker, don't go full suicide...
    No matter how comfortable you get :D.

    Good luck and support omgomgo1q2mom2o
  5. whats up with 90 RC why so important?
  6. easiest 90 skill to get thats free and it unlocks ports
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    New updates.
  7. I told you not to go FULL retard. Even if you're comfortable, don't let it trick you.
    The delayed ban might already have happend.
  8. I know what I'm doing lol. I'm assuming you work for jagex since you know all about their bot detection.
  9. Dat response...
    If jagex didn't already get you now karma will get the shit out of you.
  10. Updated more progress
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    More progress!
  11. Damn those are some quick gains.
  12. I should be near double the stats I currently have in the OP but my internet is consantly being ddos'd so I'm spending as much time as I can on campus to leech the crap out of their internet.
  13. What runecrafting script bot have you been using if you don't mind.
  14. Houndspan/Hakuna Matata's Runecrafting script bot
  15. Inb4AIOSlayer
  16. Nice progress! :)
  17. @BoneCode
  18. updates, cleaning herbs for cash cuz im poor.
  19. I made a new acc 20th dec. 2014, i didnt bot it 100% though, tbh i play legit a lot on it
    things i unlocked so far:
    80+ combat stats (76 summ)
    killed qbd about 20 times

    currently im working towards rotm, only quest i need is while guthix sleeps, im getting the required qp's atm.

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