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  1. My main of 2250 total was banned November 2014 for botting and I've tried everything to get it back i'm making a new account. I've had this account for about a month now and had some cash on a mule that i transferred over to make the journey more pleasant. I'll try to post a screenshot once every few days if i can remember and if i have time. Further down the line I may end up becoming more and more independent and do things myself but for now i'm using RuneMate a lot.

    Starting Stats:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Been busy using Eagles13's Pest Control bot and training some Herblore and Summoning legit. I'm going to try and get some skills up like Cooking, Smithing and Mining. Exams coming up soon so that will take a toll on xp rates but i'll be back to normal very soon.
    UPDATE: I achieved 90 attack and bought some Drygore Maces. Skilling starts now i guess..
    HUGE gains in skilling in the past 5 days. Been going hard on botting whilst trying to no get banned ;) Over 300 levels gained in 5 days, that's going to be hard to talk my way out of if i get banned. Had to sell my Drygores and Ascensions to get the Herblore but i'll just sell my Pernix to buy back my Ascensions soon enough. Thanks for all the support, i'm trying to keep the thread updated as much as possible whilst trying to keep each update somewhat exciting.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    As suggested before this is my my first cash stack update: [​IMG]
    Sorry for the lack of updates recently i have been busy with exams. About 200 total levels gained throughout a few skilling skills. Tried my hand at farming to get requirements for Lunar Diplomacy.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    A lot of botting using Alpha Ascensions to get enough money for 96 Summoning and 92 Prayer. I also camped Waterfiends using Alpha Waterfiends to get enough charms in preparation for BXP weekend in September
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  2. Best of luck with your goal!
    Bot smart and bot on the same periods every day, don't bot stupid, and RuneMate is the best for recreating a new main since it's such a young bot.
    I wish you the best! :)
  3. Good luck on this! :p
  4. Good luck man, fortunately, both my mains both haven't been banned for botting yet.
  5. Thanks a lot guys, i've got exams at the moment so my timetable is pretty regular. No overnights and through the days, primarily evenings is what i'm going for.

    Hopefully it stays that way, had that account for 9 years :( Good luck to you too!
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  6. How did you got your ranged so high leveled?
  7. Good luck man, I'll check back in a few days hoping to see that your account is still alive. :)
  8. I'm primarily a ranged account so i trained it to 60, Abyss with red chins to 80 then Zaryte Bow at Waterfiends to current level.

    Fingers crossed, I'll be botting responsibly and playing legit some of the time.
  9. Good luck! With runemate you are pretty safe ;)
  10. Updated 22/05/2015, more combat gains and a few skilling done.
  11. Awesome, good luck i currently have a lvl 82 on the go, so far so good.
  12. Good luck mate, and a good taste of combat style; range is love range is life.
  13. Update #3 on 25/05/2015 is out. More combat gains and a few herblore and summoning gains done.
  14. You should start training hunter m8.
  15. Probably a good idea, i will do it after i get 90 attack, gotta get them drygores.
  16. Maybe show cash progress too?:eek:
  17. Ah good idea, i'll add that soon
  18. Good luck and damn, sexy progress!
  19. Update #4: 30/05/2015. Huge gains today as well as a money pouch update. Thanks for your support.
  20. Amazing progress, are you suicidng it ?

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