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  1. Hola people,
    I am making a new scripting series, Red Scripting. It is mostly going to consist of very complex scripts bots(no simple shitty scripts bots anymore) I am going to make one at a time, never 2, this is how I never finish scripts bots. I am going to be making: RedDungeoneering, RedSlayer, RedFDK(sorry fraz u gunna have some competition), and more mini games. Ty peoplez for daz supportz.
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  2. if u need help/account/something let me know :)
  3. Thanks I might have to take u up for that, every account that i have was banned(not due to this bot)
  4. Will look forward to your scripts bots. RuneMate will definitely benefit from these kind of scripts bots. Big support!
  5. Thanks man!
  6. Hey bro. If you need a 85+ dung account for testing then hit me up man. It's an old FDK'er and it's just collecting dust atm

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