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  1. Its shit. I mean the script bot works for the most part just a few problems.
    Im realeasing because I want people to at least start development on a dungeoneering bot. So get to it lazy fuckers.
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  2. Fuckin hype
  3. Generous of you to release it! I'll definitely have a look through the source. :p

  4. Yes!!!!! Thanks so much!!!
  5. Did you ever go back to not being grounded?
  6. Yup went to collage. So no more parents.
  7. Congratulations! Any reason you aren't devving anymore?
  8. Making a bot client.
  9. Attempt 69.
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  10. :(
  11. Hey, is there anyway I would be able to test out this bot? I would be happy to. Is it possible to just download this from megaupload and add it to my bot client or no?
  12. It was a pre- runemate spectre bot, the api was updated with the release, so even if you are able to run this bot. it will perform terribly.
  13. Ah I see. Still excited that it's gonna (hopefully) come back!!
  14. Hello! Any update on the progress of this?
  15. Yes.

    I am pleased to announce that in the 10 days since @red released the source code for their RedDungeon bot, @Arbiter and his team of trained monkeys, asian slave workers, I mean friends have successfully decrypted the code and mass obfuscated the <java_http://dungeoneering.exe> executables and the fully functioning dungeoneering bot should be released soon.

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  16. Great to hear that
  17. How can i use that file can somone help me please...
  18. Assuming you have 0 coding knowledge you cant
  19. The bot source is given out with the intention for other people to improve it, or actually totally finish it. Not to run it.

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