RedDungeon Trial 1.0

Intellectual dungeoneering, supports up to complexity 4 and floor 35.

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    RedDungeon Trial - Intellectual dungeoneering, supports up to complexity 4 and floor 35.

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  2. At Unholy Cursebearer, stats get lowered to the point where magic spells become unusable and it will just spam click him. A possible solution would be to recharge at the fountain whenever that message is displayed or to just click cast on the highest level spell in the spellbook whenever the spell is unusable and it will cast it until it's unusable again.

    Edit: There might also be a problem with guardian doors at the home room, it causes the bot to stand there forever.
  3. Guardian doors in the home room? odd
    The rest still has to be incorporated. I was just thinking of the best approach to this because I don't want him to heal often.
  4. The bot just misclicked while trying to open a door and clicked the runecrafting altar, the runecrafting interface was in the way of the door so it was trying to click through the interface. The altar has a pretty big clicking area so this might be a common problem.
  5. Yea I need to manage all of the interfaces. Going to be a while for that though.
  6. Not high priority but tokens gained is going to be different from XP/10 because people often have bonus XP, which gives double the XP but the normal # of tokens.
  7. Didn't think about that thanks will incorporate into next update, I have also fixed almost all bugs
    EDIT: if people freeze up in the homeroom make sure that your ring is named exactly named ring of kinship and that is all
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    Updated and fixed quite a few errors and some bosses.
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  8. [​IMG] This is working great at the moment. I haven't had to interrupt the bot once!
  9. Awsome! I just had a 8 hour proggy that got ended by the session not being able to extend xD.
  10. Well aren't you just a lucky fucker ;-;
  11. Sorry about that mate, had to invalidate all sessions so that we could fix some stuff.
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  12. Thats cool man, whatever gotta be done. :p
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    Also please turn autoretaliate off, it will make moving through the dungeon all the more smoother
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  13. This is where it get's stuck;


    And this is my ring, is that bad?

  14. Damn nice cash stack ;)
  15. @Geashaw if you manually go to the next room the script bot should work flawless again
  16. Thanks, will keep that in mind for tomorrow
  17. Lol u said you had normal ring, either way what is the name of the ring so I can incorporate in the next update.
  18. I'm terribly sorry @red , it's a berserker ring. Which one do I need?
  19. But what is the exact name of the ring so I can put that in?
    EDIT: I just remembered, that is not the problem I need to look into it

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