Reflection VS Injection

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  1. Can sombody explain the diffrence? (ik is sound

    in rs botting terms obv
  2. Copy-pasting this from a reliable source:

    (the question this answers is the difference between color, reflection and injection)
    "Color bots are the simplest. It just sees what you do as well and finds colors that are specified on certain coordinates and stuff. Reflection is usually better for more complicated scripts bots since the client has been coded so every single object in rs is on its memory and it knows what different objects are without even getting the color. Injection is when the client is modified so it sends data to the bot, it knows what all noted items are on floor on a pile even though the colors are all the same."
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  3. Basically reflection and injection accomplish the same thing but reflection copies the client and then grabs the data whereas injection will modify the client and grab the data. Injection tends to be more detectable because it is actually modifying the client and can affect the game but is slightly faster, but reflection is undetectable (from what I understand) and allows the same features as reflection at a small cost of speed.

    Any of this may be wrong, this is just what I've been told.
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  4. Reflection and Injection are both methods of accessing data from within the game. Reflection does this without modifying the client, but is slightly more limited in what it can do (although we haven't hit any roadblocks because of it). Injection gives you slightly more control but it requires you to modify the client. Injection is much more easily detected than reflection, and because of that RuneMate is a reflection client.
  5. thanks guys, understand this better now

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