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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by vipertrek79, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. So I know that every user here is allowed one RM account, to prevent users running more than 2 bots without paying for supporter, being a bot writer etc. My gf wants to get back into rs botting and since we live together, I'd like to ask @Arbiter what the procedure is so that she can create an account for herself, and I don't violate any rules.

    Thanks for reading :D Can't wait for Spectre.
  2. Just create a new account.
  3. I can't just create an account I know I need some kind of permission first. People have made multiple accounts for no reason in the past and have gotten banned, and I'd like to avoid that
  4. Do it :)
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  5. Thank you :)
  6. You mean like a real girlfriend or a "girlfriend"?
  7. She's real lmao, been together for almost 4 years. I have no other reason to make a new account here lol, that just seems silly.
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  8. Just making sure lol... u never know when it comes to rs players.
  9. Lol true true :D
  10. wait....real grill?!
  11. Yeah, real grill PogChamp.
  12. Also, slight issue. She's trying to run a bot and its saying she's at her session limit, even though she's never ran a bot yet. I checked it out and there's only one RM process open, and I had her restart her comp a few times and it still says the same thing. Is it cool if I share my RM account with her while I figure this out, or no? Wanted to tag some mods but on mobile so yeah
  13. i got you, @Arbiter @Cloud @EvilCabbage @Falixus @Aidden
  14. Blow up doll.. her name is bob.
  15. You're such a douche. Not that I have to prove anything to you, since you're just a leech. However, if this was a ploy to run an extra bot, I could just pay more $, which I obciously don't have an issue with.
  16. Yes you can account share in this particular case. Instance limits check across a number of factors, including IP.
  17. Okay, is there maybe something in the future that can be implemented to also check by the account being used? I don't mind sharing my account, she just wanted one of her own lmao :D

    Also, thank you for the response :)

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