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  1. RuneMate 2.1.3

    While RS3 seems fine now, RegionPath is having difficulties in OSRS.
    Even if the destination is clearly valid (like only a few steps away, no obstacles), RegionPath returns null.
    The destination is reachable (using the .reachable() method), and Region.getArea() contains the destination.

    The only time it seems to successfully generate a path is when the destination is equal to the players position (basically no path).

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  3. In all situations? Can other people verify?
  4. @Savior, if this is in reference to the bot getting stuck outside the bank at the Fishing Guild, then I can confirm I'm getting it too.
  5. It's not always the case but it happens very oftenly.
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    @Vaped updated OT, still occuring in OSRS.
  6. Unable to reproduce... give specific coordinate examples.
  7. Self resolved

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