[Reliable] Private Bots by RuneMate's Lead Developer [Expensive & Hourly]

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Cloud, Jul 9, 2016.

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  1. As I've evaluated the code being pushed into the bot store over the last few years I've noticed two things regarding private bots.
    1. They're mostly written by amateurs and even those written by "the pros" in our community have dozens of shortcuts taken within them.
    2. They're never maintained for a long period of time.

    This may be okay for those people who don't want to maximize their gains within the game, but for large operations people need bots that are reliable and can be maintained for a long period of time (after all, unlike many of these other developers I'm not going anywhere).

    I understand the API better than anyone else considering that I wrote the vast majority of it. That means I can maximize performance and unlike other developers, if an API bug is encountered I can quickly fix it.

    I am a certified Java SE programmer who has over half a decade of experience writing bots and reverse engineering.

    So if you're one of those who really need a high quality bot that won't be abandoned, send me a pm containing a single paragraph summary of the general concept, when you need it done by, and if you'd like me to work on it outside of traditional work hours.

    Because of the amount of responsibilities that I have maintaining RuneMate and other websites, my base rate is $60/hour and higher on the weekends and outside of the typical work hours of 9am-5pm. It's a comparatively high price but it's an unbeatable offer.

    Once we both acknowledge the PM. you must then contact me on RuneMate's slack channel where we can discuss specific details in private (either there or in the RuneMate Discord channel). The moment we start discussing specifics is the moment that I must start billing you, and payment for at least 2 hours must be made ahead of time.

    Please be ready to either pay with an amazon eGift card or in bitcoin. Paypal will not be accepted.
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  2. Good luck with this. I'm sure the people who decide to use your service are either: a) massive goldfarmers or b) high rollers. Regardless, I'm pretty sure they'll notice the difference in reliability and ban rates if they decide to use your bots.
  3. I just wanted there to be a high quality option on the market. By setting the price high I won't be working on bots for multiple people at the same time and I don't have to worry about a flood of inquiries.
  4. I'm personally not so sure about the flood of inquiries part. I think your offer is rarely seen nowadays and will be quite popular. But you'll find out soon enough if that's the case. Good luck with this!
  5. 60$ per hour is steep. Especially if you consider that some authors offer a full bot for that price. Nonetheless, quality and permanent maintenance might be worth the price.
  6. There will be less inquiries because of the price that's for sure, but I still think he'll get quite a few. Private bots are usually quite expensive regardless. Just the fact that you can request any feature you want is so appealing I already sent him a pm.
  7. The price fits the quality imo, a lot of Bot Authors end up under-pricing private bots, including me xD
  8. It's worth making a bot for a low amount of money if your current (student)job pays only 7 euro per hour (personal case). It's worth whatever an author values his time at.
  9. Yeah, that's true :p
  10. The hourly rate will be increased if there are too many requests, I only have so much time in a single day
    It's not that steep for hiring the man at the top of the food chain.
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    I'm now also accepting amazon eGift cards as a form of payment to make the service much more accessible.
  11. You could also make scripts bots, that charge by the hour, such as slayer etc, that would really boost revenue. :)
  12. That's how premium bots on this website work. You pay a per hour charge to use the bot.
  13. Oh yea, I forgot whoops.
  14. Curious as to why you aren't making Premium bots for the site instead, could really use some.
  15. In due time, this isn't the traditional market service for my own gain. Although it's NOT sponsored by RuneMate itself, I'm using this to help me gather certain statistics that I couldn't easily do otherwise.
  16. And which stats might that be.

    Regarding the $60 an hour being steep, I think not. Web development goes for a much higher rate, I think we charge almost double.
  17. Been talking with Cloud today regarding a private bot and the process has been extremely smooth, and development has already begun. This guy has close attention to detail and comes up with ideas I hadn't thought of. Very pleasant to work with.

    Due to Amazon being slow with giftcards we haven't been able to complete the bot yet, but when it's done I will gladly post another review :)
  18. Will you give us an ETA on request? Or perhaps some basic numbers on how long it'll usually take you to complete a basic script bot?
  19. PM'd with an inquiry
  20. ETA's are difficult but based on the request I may be able to provide some type of estimate.
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