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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Skipthegrind, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Apparently there is a rule against mentioning website names in the market section unless you've paid for a supporter rank.

    This is counter intuitive, as allowing businesses to post here will likely lead to more supporter ranks and market activity. Also many thread layouts already have website names in them, so it can cause a bit of a hassle.

    Edit: Was unaware that it was $1+ to receive the rank. That makes the rule even sillier, because you have to go through the process of removing any links/informing the user.
  2. Can't see the problema on donating 1$ to get supporter. You are not gonna loose a enourmous amount of money and you will help the community
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  3. Feel free to sell RSGP without supporter rank, as long as you're not advertising your website.
    If you want RuneMate to help you with getting sales to your website, you should also help RuneMate by donating. You can donate whatever you want.
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  4. Lol, cheapskate.
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  5. External websites navigate users away from us. There's gotta be a tax for that.

    P.S. Every site I've seen in this scene charges orders of magnitude greater than us ($100+) for the same privilege. If you can spare the domain registration and hosting costs you can pass us over a dollar for essentially free advertising. ;)
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