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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by ichaseexp, May 23, 2016.

  1. Maybe adding a delete thread option for users would be useful. The thread tool has a edit option and i think placing this in that area would be ideal. It'd be able to keep forums possibly more relevant/up2date and would allow those who are active often to control their threads a little more.
    Just throwing out there .
  2. Threads very rarely need to be deleted. Threads for things like questions, bugs etc should not be archived because they act as a source of information for users who have questions that they need answered.

    If something really does need to be deleted, either report it or tag in EvilCabbage, Aidden or myself and we'll have it removed.
  3. I feel like a delete/remove button wouldn't be needed, but the ability to close your own thread would be nice for users who currently can't do so.
  4. We could offer some kind of advanced supporter rank for 200 bucks with a nice PIP and the ability to close your own threads.
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  5. There's already an advanced supporter rank with the ability to close threads and a pip and shit but it's free.
    upload_2016-5-23_15-44-15.png upload_2016-5-23_15-44-15.png upload_2016-5-23_15-44-15.png upload_2016-5-23_15-44-15.png upload_2016-5-23_15-44-16.png upload_2016-5-23_15-44-17.png
  6. $200 one-time fee would be good. If it's monthly doe... fuck that shit!
  7. Made a concept art for the PIP already, is that good?
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  8. That's actually very good! You should open a gfx shop kappa.
  9. Lol you guys are clowns *laughingemjoii"

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